What is Probate?

Probate is an official proceeding supervised by the Superior Court (in California) where assets of a decedent are legally distributed to beneficiaries. Probate in California consists of a rigorous multi-step process, including but not limited to:

A-Petitioning the Court for Probate in order to validate the decedent’s Will

B-Collecting and conducting an inventory of the decedent’s property (referred to as estate property)

C-Notifying all interested parties, including beneficiaries, the IRS, CA FTB, DHCS, creditors, etc.

D-Settling all debts due to or owed by the estate

E-Managing estate assets (for instance upkeep of a decedent’s house) during the probate process

F-Ultimately Distributing assets to beneficiaries as the Will or State law (if there is no Will) directs.

The probate process is entirely governed by California State Statute, which means that probate is a form and procedure driven proceeding that needs to be performed scrupulously in order to be completed in an efficient and timely manner.