About The Firm

First off, we are not your typical law firm: No Suits, No Secretaries, No Fees for calling to ask a question, No Hourly billing, No Hassles. One of the greatest things about the Estate Planning law practice is that most of the time, there is no adversary. Far too often our legal system is tapped when one person has done a wrong against another. In Estate Planning, there is no wrong doing – Instead both the client and attorney work in harmony, with no opposing parties or attorneys, in order to reach a common goal. No fighting, no tension. Thus, at our law firm there is no need to that “typical” law firm. Relax, and lets work towards a common goal in comfort. Hence, No Suits!

When you call or email, I (Alex Avakian, Esq.) will be the one who picks up the phone or responds by email. My belief is that far too many law firms are operated with support staff outnumbering attorneys 3-to-1. This results in lawyers passing the work they should be doing to support staff while they look for new clients. For clients, this equates to higher fees, inefficiency, and having to speak with multiple persons at the “firm” in order to get an answer. By eliminating the need for support staff and welcoming direct communication, we are able to pass savings on to you by charging lower fees and completing work in a timely manner.

HowToProbate.com is run by Alex Avakian, Esq., a California licensed attorney specializing in Probate, Estate Planning, and Estate Administration. Alex Avakian works exclusively with probate and estate legal issues throughout the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Our clientele ranges from everyday individuals who want to create a Will or Trust, to high-end clients owning multiple assets and are interested in creating a Trust and utilizing other mechanisms for tax saving purposes.


Areas of Law We Specialize In…


—We specialize in probate procedures in Los Angeles County, including filing probate petitions, gathering the necessary documents needed to complete a court probate procedure, and ultimately handling distribution of assets. Additionally, we can draft certain documents in order to avoid probate and transfer assets to beneficiaries outside of the court process.

Estate Planning

—The best way to avoid Probate is to have a solid Estate Plan. We specialize in drafting Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Advanced Health Care Directives, and multiple other documents to smoothly transfer assets from one generation to the next. Additionally, we draft Guardianship and Conservator documents to provide for solutions should your minor child or elderly family member be in need of a guardian.

Estate Administration

—After a passing in the family, certain documents and procedures will need to be executed in order for assets to pass from the decedent to the rightful heirs. We specialize in drafting and effectuating documents to quickly transfer assets and allow beneficiaries access to their inheritance.