The purpose of this website is to provide a free comprehensive guide to the Probate process in California, along with Guides, How To’s, and Sample Documents for California Probate, Estate Planning, and Estate Administration. Specifically, this website will focus on procedures and practices for Probate in Los Angeles County.

Attorneys tend to write over-complicated legalese that can only be interpreted by other lawyers. Which is of absolutely no value to the general public. My goal is to avoid this by explaining California Probate, Estate Planning, and Estate Administration in plain English, while still maintaining a level of professionalism and knowledge expected of a California lawyer.

Additionally, should you be unclear on a matter, or have a question regarding California Probate, Estate Planning or Estate Administration, such as questions regarding Trusts, Wills, or How to Probate an Estate, feel free to contact me by clicking the “Contact Us” tab above or by clicking here.

—Alex Avakian
Probate, Estate Planning & Estate Administration Attorney located in Los Angeles, California